Design & Engineering

Study engineering documents of tenders and optimizing the technical specifications of the projects. Review the technical proposals offered by subcontractors. Design auxiliary electrical and mechanical equipment, and provide instructions for manufacturing, installation, and commissioning. ...

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Procurement & Supply

Procurement feasibility study to determine whether projects equipment should be supplied inside or outside the country. Finalize purchase order in terms of legal contracts with local and foreign contractors with the aim to transfer high standard global manufacturing technologies into the country and minimize the use of foreign currency required for projects. Supervise manufacturing process of projects compo ...

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Construction & Commissioning

Mobilize projects sites and offer installation workshops. Finalize construction based contracts for installation and commissioning of equipment. Implement coordination among various construction based contracts at sites through IDIS executive organizations. Organize training teams for operational and maintenance responsibilities in guarantee period. ...

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Managing Consultant (MC)

Establish executive organizational structure for each project. Divide the main contract into supply, installation, and commissioning subcontracts. Perform coordination and administration among various subcontractors through sophisticated planning and controlling schemes. Utilize operational and organizational procedures including quality assurance to achieve desired quality through the project. ...

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Financial & Investment Management

Conduct financial feasibility study to introduce investors and participates in projects viable sources of financing. Processed and synthesized vast amounts of financial data to be applied where relevant for policy development and forecasted trends through analysis. Compile financial models to execute projects work. Obtain financing proposals from local and foreign sources, organize negotiations, and utilize ...

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